Lambert3x3Lambert Releasing was formed in 2010, and its president, John A. Lambert, is an industry veteran of all facets of film distribution, from acquisition to marketing to theatrical booking.  Formerly the national specialized film buyer for United Artists Theaters, John Lambert served as President of Regent Releasing for over a decade, overseeing development of materials, marketing and distribution for over 70 film projects ranging from the long running cult hit SORDID LIVES to the Academy Award winning DEPARTURES.

Our Mission
Lambert Releasing is dedicated to guiding the distribution of any film, from exclusive engagements in select markets to wider releases, and whether for independent filmmakers or large distributors. We can assist in the selection of creative advertising and marketing personnel who will best nurture the film through its best exposure in the marketplace, from festival to active distribution in first run theaters to calendar bookings.

Why Lambert Releasing?
As a veteran in the area of theatrical distribution, John Lambert has a vast network of key creative talent with expertise in posters, trailers, print and broadcast advertisements, internet and publicity.  Lambert Releasing can help you develop your materials, or consult with the existing creative teams you have already have. Collaboration, select targeting, working within a set budget are all key factors in the care taken to make a film’s release have the best opportunity to be successful in the marketplace. When it comes time for booking, John Lambert’s  knowledge of independent theaters and his connections with top theater chains will help you get your film to its target demographic in the most effective markets.

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